PRs and Points for Australian Migration

As mentioned - PRs that I will be discussing are 189 and 190. These are skilled migration Visa:

189: Skilled Independent Visa - This is Permanent Resident Visa that is valid for 5 years and you can live and work in any part of Australia. 
190: Skilled Nominated Visa - This is Permanent Nominated Resident Visa that is valid for 5 years, but you are under moral binding of the state that sponsor you that you have to live and work in that particular state of Australia for 2 years. After that, you are free to live and work anywhere in Australia.

After this 5 year duration; you can either keep on living in Australia - as this Visa will allow you to continue to live in Australia even after 5 years - but you can not re-enter after this duration using this Visa. To do that you will be required to apply for RRV (Resident Returning Visa) or Citizenship depending on your choice and also on criteria given by DIAC.

Australia Point Test

You must score at least 60 points (the pass mark) to be eligible to apply for a Skilled Migration visa (subclasses 189, 190 and 489). 489 will not be discussed here (at least for now). Let me guess the first question that comes to your mind - "How will I know how many points do I have or can achieve?". You can refer to below link to know current points table as per DIAC:

Point table as per DIAC rules

Australian Immigration Points
Australian Immigration Points
So, that means if you want to apply for 189 - you will need to have 60 points without 5 points of state sponsorship (you don't need to be state sponsored for 189). And for visa 190 - you will need to have 55 points without 5 points of state sponsorship (you will need to have these 5 points though).

One of the thing that many applicant use to make extra points from above table is partner points - If occupations of your partner is on same SOL list then you can claim partner points; but please note that you both will need to have a positive skills assessment and IELTS.

If your partner is included in your application you may be awarded points if at time of invitation, he or she:
Is able to satisfy ‘basic requirements’ including age, English language ability and
nominated occupation; and
Has obtained a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for
their nominated occupation.
Points are only available if your partner is included in your application as an applicant.
Points are not available if your partner is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Evidence to support your application:
1. Obtain evidence that your partner satisfies the basic requirements:
A suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your partner’s nominated occupation
Evidence of age and
Evidence of English language ability (Minimum 6 in each module)
2. Your partner should provide a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority at the time of invitation.

Also - apart from points - you also need to satisfy the respected criteria to be able to apply for 189 or 190. One of which is that your occupation code should be in respected occupation list:
For 189 - ANZSCO code should be in SOL.
For 190 - ANZSCO code should be in CSOL.
You can check the other basic requirements on below links respectively:
189 under tab 'Before Applying'
190 under tab 'Before Applying'

For more detailed view on this check the booklet on 189, 190 and 489.

Please go through comments in each page also - there may be some information present which is/will-be useful for you too.
Post a comment below stating how did you like information here; also feel free to post any question or suggestion on any more information you want to be posted.

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  1. Hi dear,

    I have a confusion regarding Visa 189 and Visa 190. Hope you will help as always.

    Can I submit EOI as "Software Tester - 261314" for Visa 189?

    I checked both SOLs and found 261314 only in CSOL. Does it mean we can only apply for Visa 190 for Software Tester?

    One of my friend told me that Software Tester is under 2613xx code that's why Visa 189 can be applied. Do you have such information?

    SOL: Schedule 1

    CSOL: Schedule 1-2

    Thanks once again for your time.

    1. Hi Athar,
      Nope - you can not. For any anzsco that's not on SOL you can NOT go for 189. Software Tester is something that you will have to go for 190 only.
      Hope that helps!
      Best of luck!

    2. Yes that was my understanding too that's why I submitted EOI as ICT Business Analyst but was looking for other options as BA ceiling has been reached.

      Thanks for feedback and confirmation:)

    3. Are you the same guy who's on expatforum as Superm :) ? I just noticed the same link is in his signature and I think I found that link from there not from Google.

    4. You are right mate :)
      Am not sure where you got the link from though!

    5. I know that I have the link there - I meant that I don't know if you got here through there or google :)

  2. Thank you very very much for such useful information on this blog. I and my wife are planning to apply for Aussie PR, but I got few questions that I don't know to whom I could get advice from, perhaps you could help with your experience

    I will start with our situation

    I got IT background (education), studied Master of ICT in South Australia for 2 years (2007-2008) then got back to my country. Currently, my working experience is in finance industry mainly. I have been working as risk analyst, using SQL and excel for some quantitative analysis. The big part of the job is about risk management, SQL and excel are just the tool to get the data for analysis.
    I have looked at both SOL and CSOL list and such job is not in the lists

    My wife used to work as an auditor (in SOL for 189 & 190) in KPMG for 2 years 9 months. Then she moved to another international company, working as financial analyst (not in SOL) but job roles & responsibilities actually similar as management accountant (in SOL for 189 & 190), for 2 years 7 months, then she was promoted to be finance manager (not in 190, but in 189),for 5 months now

    We both are hard working employees with very good performance (recognized by board of management), good knowledge, good profile. However, I find my profile is kinda weak to apply for PR as it is not in the list, even if I adjust my description slightly to match it to database admin somehow. So we plan to apply with my wife as the main applicant and I will be the dependent spouse

    Now I have several questions, I hope you might be able to have some advice

    1) I am not sure if my experience can be used for database admin experience? Secondly, does part time experience count? (Not experience get while working in studying period)
    2) In case it fails, can we apply with I am as a dependent, but with no appropriate exp in SOL? In that case, what condition I should have except IELTS? I'm sure I can get 6 or 6.5 all band score, for 7.0 all band score, both I and my wife will try
    3) Total exp of my wife is >5 years. However, it contains of 3 slightly different jobs, would that be ok? Or have to be >3 years exp for the same job?
    4) If she applies as auditor (which is in the list) auditor exp is < minimum 3 years, and that job was 3 years ago, would that be ok?
    5) If she applies as management accountant, but her title is different, would that be ok? Same as question 3, exp for management accountant is not enough, can she use exp of auditor and finance manager to add up?
    6) Finance manager is her latest/current title. It is in CSOL for 189 I believe, however, I couldnt find it in any state nominated list. And her exp for this position is just 5 months. I am confused which job/position we should apply for, and for 189 or 190? Can you give some advice?
    7) Proof of experience: Besides official/document about job description, roles& responsibilities with letter heads of company, stamp, signature of HR director/CEO, etc.. Do we need to provide any other proof? Do they ask for contact person in the company to call to check up?

    I apologize for such a long questions, I really dont know to whom I should get advice from. Please help
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Long (I hope I got your name right),
      Skill assessment is based on roles and responsibility and has nothing to do with designation title you held. I hope checked my Skill assessment page - you should have checked the link:
      Where it shows description of all anzsco codes. You need to try and match to any of this.

      Response to your points:
      1. Am not expert on various roles and all - but I'd try: your role sounds like data or business analyst. Try seeing the description of the same given in link above. Also, work on similar lines for your wife. Part time experience does not count.
      2. Yes, either of you can act as primary - who fits best; other one can act as secondary. Secondary just have to pass functional English thing (check bottom of my eVisa page).
      3. Yes, to gain any points in a job, it should be assessed and min experience is 3 years and be related to the study that is assessed as well.
      4. She would not gain any points with <3 years experience. Experience can be anytime in last 10 years. Main criteria is to reach 60 points, however you do it.
      5. Again - it depends on assessment result, which depends on roles and responsibilities and not titles of designation hold.
      6. SOL is for 189. CSOL is 190, but in addition you need to find which state is supporting that anzsco. Which way to go depends on which anzsco you can match up to with your degree and job-experience.
      7.Roles and responsibility document would have either HR contact number of senior signing it - they can use that if needed, ACS generall do not do that - but have every right to.

      I would suggest to go slow on learning about the process. Start again with basics and the 'decription' of ANZSCO role as mentioned above; I would also suggest to browse forum on Take it easy!
      Best of luck!

  3. Thank you very much for your quick response

    I have started reading all the docs step by step. Based on your explanation, I understand job title does not really matter, so we will prepare the docs for my wife as the main applicant.
    And yes, I mixed it up between 189 and 190.

    If I understand correctly, the job is in SOL (189) or CSOL (190) is just the first step, the importance is the job must be available in some state (as in the link below you mentioned)

    In other words, even if my job is found in SOL or CSOL, but it is completely out of quota, not available in any state of Aus, then I will not be able to apply for PR. Is that correct?

    I guess my initial steps would be:
    1) Look for suitable position that is in either SOL or CSOL and currently also available in some state of Aus.
    2) Prepare all necessary documents for skill assessment
    3) Apply for skill assessment
    4) Take IELTS test
    5) Wait for both results and submit my application after 1st Jul (if there is no surprise in job requirements)

    It's a pity that most of exp of my wife is just few months short. Maybe I will ask her to get another half year exp for that position perhaps
    Regarding your 2nd answers, I understand that I, as a secondary applicant, will just need to pass functional english, but it also means my wife will NOT get 5 points for partner, is that correct? (Because I read that to get 5 points for partner, the partner has to have work exp in SOL or CSOL as well as passing IELTS)
    Thanks again for providing wonderful information
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Long - You seem to get the grasp of things. Although few clarifications:
      1. If occupation is in SOL list - you can go through 189 process. 189 is NOT state specific, meaning that you do NOT have to check on state level.
      2. If occupation is in CSOL list - then you can apply for 190. You need to go through occupation ceiling, and the state list like you said.
      3. For secondary applicant, your occupation should be assessed and should be in same list (SOL or CSOL) in which main applicant's occupation code is. Plus functional English.

    2. Hi there,
      Thanks for your quick reply again, but I still dont understand, so just 2 more questions
      1) If secondary applicant has not exp in the list, it is still possible to apply as secondary applicant, although we will not receive 5 points for partner, is that correct? Or the partner just need to get functional english to get this 5 points?

      2) If the job is in CSOL, but if we cannot find it in any state list, it means...hopeless, means we will have to wait for quota of some state in next year, isnt it?
      Thanks again

    3. Hey Long,
      1. a) In case you require Spouse points (extra 5 points) then spouse should have skill assessment (code in same list)+IELTS (min 6 in each band)
      b) If spouse points (=5) are not required then only functional english (4.5 avg in IELTS or grad 2 years in English medium letter)
      2. Yes.
      Additionally you can read:

  4. Hi..I have applied for 190 visa for Software Tester. Can you please suggest whether someone having 70 points will have a better chance to get EOI than someone with 65 points.

    Actually, my agent did a mistake of showing 7 yrs relevant exp though I had 10+ years relevant exp. So, my actual points came down from 70 points to 65 points for which I am very concerned that my chances of getting EOI got reduced.

    Please suggest.

    1. Hi,
      You mean you have submitted 190 EOI + VIC SS; and not visa!
      Yes, chances are Vic will give more preference to person having more points/exp.
      Is this mistake in just EOI or SS as well. EOI can be corrected - For SS, you can write to them, but am not sure if it can be corrected or how it will work!

    2. Dear Admin,
      I would like to check if I am applying as the main applicant but would like to gain the point for my spouse, is it sufficient alone with education certificates and IELTS without going through the skilled assessment? It is for network engineer. It is rather difficult to get his employer letter due to strict company policy.
      Appreciate your reply soon.

  5. Hi

    Actually I couldnt explain the situation correctly. The agent when I was applying for ACS asked me to show 3 companies (instead of 6 as I have made frequent company changes). This is because I had to then send them declaration and roles and responsibilty and other requirements also for the other companies. As the documents looked almost same and couldnt alter much since I have worked on the same profile in my 10+ years of exp my agent asked me to remove the 3 companies. ACS passing exp criteria was 5 years and mine was coming 7 years. She told me that while filing EOI you can include the rest of the companies and gain points. But now the agent has handed over the work to somebody else and she is suggesting since the 3 companies was not evaluated by ACS I will have to check the relevant work exp for those 3 companies as NO in EOI form. According to her if I mark those as YES, VIC may ask me to go for evaluation for the rest of the companies. In this way my work exp is reduced and simultaneously my points. Please suggest can I improve my points or will this have a negative impact for my SS going forward.

    1. Hi Ujjal,
      These are typical agents. Your new agent is right in saying that you will not get points unless its assessed by ACS; and you need to say 'NO' in EOI for non-assessed!
      Two options:
      1) Get remaining assessed too in re-evaluation.
      2) Update EOI to mark non assessed as 'No'

      This is why I don't like most of the agents! They do just half the job right - which is taking money!

      Best of Luck!

  6. Hi

    Thanks for your suggestion. Whats your opinion on scoring less. This will not affect my VIC SS (other than that the applicant who have 70 points will be picked up first than 65). A well written CV will help me to qualify VIC SS, right? Or non evaluated work exp will make things difficult for me to get through VIC.

    1. Hi Ujjal,
      Yes, points will surely matter.
      Regarding the missing jobs - If your CV can very well specify the gap that you did not get assessed then it should not leave any negative impact on ACS assessor!

  7. Hi i have lodged my EOI on 12th May 2013 for 190 state sponsorship Pr visa.
    Have recently sacked my immigration agent as he wanted to charge me for things i could have done myself, so now trying to go it alone but scared i will make mistakes.

    1) how long for my EOI to be granted have 70 points
    2) what do i need to do next?
    3) when should i apply for uk police checks if i live in australia already? have been her for 5 years.
    4) what else should i do? should i find a new agent? or is the process simple enough.
    I love the way you explain things- in my language!!!
    thanks again


  8. Hi Admin,

    I did my Graduation in BSC (Maths, chemistry and Physics) and PG was in to Master of computer application which is equivalent to ICT Major.
    Will I get 15 point for My Education?
    As I hearing from the people .DIAC would require Graduation and PG are in the same relevant education then only they will give 15 points ,if not they won’t give ? Is that truth. Even we got ICT Major from ACS
    Just MCA is sufficient to get 15 points?
    And also do I need to go for RPL route in ACS or just general skill assessment from ACS?

    1. Hi Admin

      Can any one provide an answer for the above question as i have the same situation

    2. Answer for your question from the Acs Site

      An applicant has an overseas Masters degree and an overseas Bachelors degree.

      If the overseas Masters degree meets the requirements, this will be the only qualification reported as comparable to an AQF Masters degree.
      If the requirements are met by a combination of both degrees, the highest comparable degree will be the only qualification report in the result letter.

  9. Hi Admin,

    I have 2 questions about requirement for spouse. As I read from your blog and from aussie immigration web page, I know that the spouse needs to have:

    • Is able to satisfy ‘basic requirements’ including age, English language ability and nominated occupation; and
    • Has obtained a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for their nominated occupation.

    And the evidence should be:
    Evidence to support your application:
    1. Obtain evidence that your partner satisfies the basic requirements:
    • A suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your partner’s nominated occupation
    • Evidence of age and
    • Evidence of English language ability (Minimum 6 in each module)
    2. Your partner should provide a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority at the time of invitation.

    In my case, I, as the spouse, have occupation which is not in SOL unfortunately, which means my wife will not be awarded with 5 points for partner. But to keep me in the application, I should have evidence for my English ability as well. So my questions are:

    1) I spent 2 years (2007-2008) studied full time in Australia, and I got a master degree there. Can I use my master degree as a proof of my English ability, or do I have to take IELTS test as well?
    2) Proof of relationship: Besides marital certificate, do I need to provide anything else? (such as joint bank account, proof of residential address, etc...) Because we just got married and we dont have any other proof yet (besides the marital certificate) Would it help if we open a joint bank account?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Long..
      1) No No - minimum requirement for primary applicant is IELTS with min 6 score. You need to do IELTS - please read again the basic requirements and point score awarded against IELTS score. Only secondary applicant can use study etc. to prove "functional" english while applying for Australian PR
      2) I just used marriage certificate - that worked; mostly that works. But sometimes COs ask for more - yeah joint bank account - address proofs for the same address, etc!
      Hope that helps!

    2. Hi Admin,

      Thanks for your answer
      Regard my first question, I mean my wife will be the main applicant and of course she will try to get at least 7 for IELTS. But I, as a secondary applicant, already got my Master degree in Aussie (2 years course) and I was planning to use it as a proof of my functional English if it can be used. Just want to ask you in advance to make sure if it works, in case they do not accept, I will take the IELTS test with my wife as well

      Thanks again

  10. Hi

    I am not sure how would one check if a particular job code is unavailable or the ceiling is met


    1. Hi Yuti,
      Yes - you can check that. Go to this skill select link scroll down a bit - select Occupation Ceilings - it will open up a report with total ceiling and count a particular occupation has reached already.
      This should be refreshed in July 2013 - as all would be reset!
      Hope that helps!

  11. Dear Admin,

    First of all i would like to thank you for this blog.
    This is forum very useful for the people who are looking for migration.

    1)I am applying for 190 n 189 with each getting 60 points,we can alter the EOI at latter stage like after getting for points partner skills(assesment is under proces right now i am not claiming this). Then can i withdraw for the points other category? to balance the same points Even after changing the EOI does they maintain old copy of the EOI. becoz i met an agent as he said with the points who got 60 will be considered. Regardless of his view we can alter(decreas or increase) the points n skills after submitting the EOI?

    2)For 190 i have submitted my EOI but where we can i get the SS form n how to apply plz give me proper link n information. As i read we should submit SS form with EOI ref no.plz give in details with this.

    3)Part time working at overseas will be considered?(if it is20hrs/week)
    becoz i had my masters full time n job exp as well. can i claim points for that? I have assessed my B.Degree, here i did masters again that was also assessed.I didn't mention this(exp) in my TR application will that effect at further process.

    Awaiting for u r reply,

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hey Chinna,
    1. Please check EOI for Australia migration page for information on changing EOIs and their effect on australia visa process.
    2. I have provided links to all the states and points to keep in mind before applying to any state. Please check the same page mentioned in 1st point above.
    3. DIAC will count the experience AFTER the last education that you have completed and claimed points on. If you are claiming points for masters - experience after that would be counted by DIAC not before complete it.
    Hope that helps!

  13. Hi Superm,
    At this moment I am really upset about a news and would be really grateful if you could inform me about the reality of that news. I have just come to know from a thread of expat forum that DIAC has advised all the states not to sponsor professional of few occupations until further notice. The listed occupations are as follows:
    · Chemical and Materials Engineers;

    · ICT Business and Systems Analysts;

    · Electronics Engineers:

    · Telecommunications Engineering Professionals;

    · Other Engineering Professional; and

    · Software and Applications Programmers.

    Do you have any information regarding this. Although there is no official declaration from DIAC or any state authority but according to that thread a number of people have heard the same thing from ACT & NSW authority. If anyone has any knowledge about this issue please post here.
    Source of the information is here:

    1. Hey Shishir,
      Sorry - Have not heard about the same!
      Wish you good luck!

  14. Hi Fren,

    I have few doubts with respect to the PR process.

    I had got my Skill Assessed with the ACS, however during that process I was not able to provide the reference letter for one of my experience ,around 9 months. Now I would like to know whether I would be able count on that experience and show them to DIAC for the PR process?

    I am now able to get the reference letter from that employer and I am having other docs like Appointment letter/relieving letter from the employer.Should I go for another assessment or the one I have done would suffice?


  15. Hello Admin,

    I have couple of queries in calculating points for my work Experience.
    My experience is as below:
    Total Experience; 6 years 3 months
    company 1: May 2007 to oct 2007 (6 months)
    company 2: Nov 2007 to till date ( 5 years, 9 months) . While working in this company (my current company), i was deputed to work in Sydney from Sep 2010 to May 2013 (2 years and 8 months).

    From recent times ACS detects 2 years for considering it for skilled migrant: then my exp would come to 4 years 3 months

    I ll get 5 points for working more than a year in Australia.
    will I get 5 more points for my remaining work exp ( 3.3 years - 1 year 8 months AU exp and 1.5 indian Work Exp)

    Can you let me know how many points can i get?


  16. Hi,

    Firstly, thanks for the excellent post, I love to read blogs... somehow its easier to digest than government websites (my opinion here ;) ).

    Anyway, here is my situation, I've done a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineer and a Masters in Fire Engineering. I have a work experience of exactly 3 years (1 year as a Junior Mechanical Engineer & the rest as a Project Manager / Fire Specialist).

    Do you think, I should show my Masters in the Application process as my highest degree isnt probably listed in the SOL.


  17. Hi Admin,

    I am a software tester and looking for permanent residency options.Have few queries :

    1. My experience letter states my designation as Senior Software Engineer.Am I eligible to file under Visa 189 ?
    2. If I file under Visa 190,could you please explain the process to obtain sponsorship from a state/territory?


  18. Hi Admin,

    Please help me in my case. I am really confused whether i am eligible to apply for Australia PR visa or not. My qualifications go as follows:-
    1. I completed my B.E(computers) in 2009
    2. The I completed my M.Tech(Computers) in 2011 in which I did one year of full time + paid internship in company where I am currently working.
    3. After completion of my I have got 2+ rears of experience in the same company where I did my internship. So its been around 3+ years in same company.

    Please suggest whether I am eligible to apply for Australian PR. or not. Will my Internship be counted as an experience for ACS guys.

    1. Have you got the answer for this??? I also wanted to know that, before formally employed in June' 09 in Siemens, I complete 2 months internship there in the same department in April'09 and May'09. I have internship certificates with me. I was graduated in Dec' 08 as Electrical Engineer. Can I claim the points for those 02Nos. Months????

  19. Hi Admin,

    Thank you so much for the useful information you have provided.

    I am a software engg with 7.5 years of experience in Testing. My education qualification is B.E. (Computer Science and Engg). According to information you have provided for points, I am geeting 60.

    Age - 30 (Mine Age is 29 years), Skilled Employment - 15 (As I am having 7.5 yrs of Exp and it is relevant to my degree) and Bachlor Degree - 15 (Computer Engg). Kindly let me know whether
    1) My understanding is correct for the points?
    2) Am I eligible for Australian PR
    3) Are there in Obstacles in getting PR
    4) Are there any chances my application will be rejected by ACS?

    Kindly help. I have read so many forumns but this ones seems to be the best.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    thank you..

    1. Hey Deepesh,
      1. Point calc seems correct, confirm it with the calculation given on immigration site, I have given the link for the same in the points article, as that will give you latest info.
      2. You would have to go through all the steps mentioned in getting PR and see your eligibility in each one.
      3. There are - that is why you would have to follow step 2.
      4. There are chances if your written roles and responsibility does not match with description of chosen occupation code.
      Best of luck :)

  20. Hi,

    I have done my BCA from 2003-2006,
    Msc-IT from 2009 to 2011.
    IELTS 6.5 Band

    I am working from 2005 to 2013.
    customer service - 8 months
    technical support - 3 yrs
    system admin - 8 months
    (L1 Server support) Consultant - 4yrs
    So in all 8.4 yrs

    My Age is 32 yrs.

    Which ANZSCO code should i choose, Should it match my Job title?
    How many points do i score? i guess it should be 55 pts, with 5 additional points for state nomination ill be at 60.
    Does Msc-IT give me any additional points?


    1. Hey Tushar,
      ANZSCO code description should match to your roles and responsibilities not the title. I have given link to the code's description in the blog.
      Depending on the matchin code - you would need to calculate the points you are making depending on the number of years of experience and studies.
      Msc is masters so may contribute to points but it should be in relevant area and also experience after Msc will be counted if you claim points for Msc.
      Best of Luck!

  21. Hello Admin,

    A small question.

    I am a business analyst. Done my ICT masters 7 years ago. Been a BA for the past 3 years.

    When states like Victoria ask for 5 years work experience for ICT BA, are they asking overall work experience or 'relevant' BA work exp? It confuses me since there may be years that necessarily contributed into a person becoming a BA even though person may not be a BA in those years. So are these years 'relevant' or not? What should I mark as my relevant exp as a BA on my Skills assessment or EOI? 7 or 3?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,
      I believe relevant BA exoerience would be the experience which is marked as relevant by the skill assessment (ACS).
      Best of Luck!

  22. I had worked at Company A for about 3 yrs. I'm wondering: can I use PART of it? i.e. Say I worked for 3 years, but only want to claim 9months of it.

    1. Hi,
      I don't think so - but why do you want to do that?

  23. Hi

    I am having 12 years of experience in Accounting, Financial reporting, Budgeting and Planning. However I am a Bcom graduate from a Section A university in india.

    I would like to apply for a PR with Australian Immigration so am I eligible to get assessed by the CPA/IPA/ICCA board because I have been told that either Master degree or only Chartered accountants will be assessed by these bodies.

    Please clarify me.

  24. I am Junior Plumber & 8 years of experience how can i apply for skilled manpower.

  25. Hi Admin,

    Please help me on this...

    Actually I thought of going via consultancy. Today I had a talk with them..Regarding the experience points they are saying something different what I read from this forum. I am BSc IT, working as a software tester.

    They said ACS will cut my 4 years from my total 6 years, so i will not get any points for experience...

    What they are saying is if you are from a non-computer background, they will cut 6 yrs of exp. If you are from a computer background, they will cut 4 yrs...

    What is right???? what is the rule of deducting experience? I am in total confusion now... Now, I am planning to do by myself....

  26. Hi Admin,
    I have done my Engineering in Electronics and Communication.
    I have 3+ experience in Software testing.
    Am I eligible to apply for PR?

    Thanks in advance

  27. Hello Admin,

    I am a middle-ware (IBM WebSphere Application Server) administrator with 6 years relevant experience.
    Please suggest me whether I can use Systems Analyst (261112) or Software Engineer (261313) as SOL for 189 visa.
    Please suggest me whether I can use Systems Administrator (262113) or ICT Support Engineer (263212) as CSOL for 190 visa.


  28. Dear Admin,

    Thank you so much for your great information since it helps a lot.

    I would like to ask you for a piece of advice regarding the five-point of Australian employment experience.

    I graduated the Master of Commerce in April, 2012 and a Graduate of Diploma in October, 2012. I managed to get the full skill assessment with the fist qualification plus one year experience from June, 2012-June, 2013 as a Recruitment Consultant and also obtained the Advisory Letter from Vetassess for that one year employment.
    - question 1: will I be able to use that one year to claim for 5 points?
    - question 2: since my employment contract states letterhead, name, contact details and signature of the HR Manager, position tittle, employment status, salary and responsibilities, etc. Will I need to obtain an employment reference, still?

    Thanks again for your great support.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.



  29. Hello Admin,

    I ( age 27 yrs) have few queries before I apply for 189/190 visa. Pls help.

    Brief about my professional career till date:
    1. Completed Bachelors in Commerce in 2007,
    2. got associate membership of Institute of Chartered accountants of India in 2010,
    3. did 3 years full paid internship at Chartered Accountant firm in taxation field, from sep 06 – aug 09,
    4. was working as analyst – investment banking from jan 10-aug10 (8 months),
    5. studies masters in international securities, investment and banking from oct 2010-july11
    6. started my venture – online portal (website) in aug 2011 (non-finance occupation) and working till date (i.e. dec 2013)- was on payroll of an electronic giant in india as business head

    I have decided for career change step and have planned back to start work again in Finance domain as Analyst – Associate on research side.

    I have checked that my qualification of chartered accountant fall under SOL list Accountant (General) - 221111 (specialisation : finance analyst) / 221113 Taxation Accountant.


    1. Will my Masters degree/bachelors degree, Chartered Accountant degree all qualify separately in the point system? Or you can claim only for one?
    2. Will my 3 years paid internship experience be considered as eligible work ex to qualify for points?
    3. My internship experience was under taxation field (nominated on SOL as: 221113 Taxation Accountant). If I want to apply 189 under Accountant (General) - 221111 (specialisation : finance analyst)? Will it be considered? Or its better to apply under 221113 Taxation Accountant?
    4. Do I need to clear any other exams of CPA/ICAA before I am assessed positively in skill test for the nominated occupation?
    5. Considering my qualification, do I stand chance to get ‘Nomination by state or territory government and than apply visa under subclass 190.
    6. My wife is dentist (BDS) from India, age 26 yrs. Experience of 1.5 yrs. How can I claim 5 points of her?
    7. Should I apply for 457 visa first or directly 189? Which class stands better chance considering my profile?

    Looking forward for your revert.


  30. First of all the blog is great and has amazing information in it. I was hoping if you could assist me with my questions below.

    My Assessment:
    Age: 30 - Points 30
    English Ability: Points 20 (Note: I haven't taken the IELTS but I am assuming a score of 8)
    Overseas Employment : ( < 60 months) : 5 points
    Educational Qualifications: (US Bachelors Degree) - 15 Points

    So my total points are 70 or 60 points (If I score less than 8 in IELTS)

    My Questions/Concerns:
    Am I eligible to apply for Australian PR? If so which class?

    My experience has been as an Internal Auditor from 2007 - June 2012 and from June 2012 - Present I have been self employed with work which isn't necessarily Internal Audit related. Will this affect my skills assessment? (ANZCO Code: 221214 - Assessing Authority - VETASSESS)

    I know there is no average time for processing of the visa but what are the average time frames for visa processing? Do people with Islamic faith and a very common Muslim name get delayed in their applications process? (Note: I only ask this question as this was one of the reasons for my US Work Visa delay)

    I have the option for applying from UAE - Dubai (I am a permanent resident of UAE) or India, am I better of applying from UAE?

    Can I apply from the USA on a tourist visa?

    How many days does the Skill Assessment usually take?

    Do I still have to take the IELTS? I have completed my undergraduate degree in US and lived in US for 8.5 years (3.5 years study and 5 years work)

    Is it beneficial to upload all documents, medical, police certificates etc.. during the time of the application?

    How many days do you have before you need to travel to Australia, once your PR is processed?

    Do you have to work within the specified industry of your employment nomination?

    What are some other options to migrate to Australia (Masters, Marriage, Investment etc..)?

    I appreciate any input you can provide. I am more than happy to setup a call and introduce myself if you are willing to do so.


  31. Hello,
    Thank you for your information.
    Wanted to know if you took the help of immigration agent or you did it by yourself.
    Does taking the help of agents help you in a getting the work done faster.

  32. Hi Admin,
    Thank you for your valuables information, I want to apply for visa under subclass 189, 190. I am holding a diploma in “Computer Hardware & Networking”, which comes under category (263111- Computer Network and Systems Engineer) and having an experience of above five years. My age is around 28 years what are my chances of getting visa and what other thing I need to have to apply for the above visa. And what is the procedure to apply for visa under subclass 189, 190. Please admin kindly explain me each and everything.

    Thanks in advance.

  33. Hi Admin,

    Happy New Year to you from Singapore. I would really appreciate if you could please help me with my query below.

    I have been working as Systems Analyst since Oct 2008 after my Master Degree in IT (2006-2008) and now 5 years working experience . My Bachelor Degree in IT was completed in year 2004.
    I worked about 1.5 yr as analyst programmer (for which I could not get the employment letter or recommendation letter).
    If I only include my 5 yrs working experience as System Analyst after Master, would ACS deduct 2 yrs and left with only 3 yrs relevant experience.?
    If I can get total 5yrs, I would have 65 points without state sponsor and partner skill for both Systems Analyst and ICT Business Analyst.

    Could you please kindly advise how the deduction works.

  34. Can your work experience overrule your education?if you have education which is totally irrelevant to your work experience would you be considered for immigration. For example Iyou have a BSc and your work experience is 11 years and more in marketing can you still qualify

  35. Received ACS today for Business Analyst code and going to give IELTS in 15 days from now.
    I have reviewed the ceiling for BA and it shows as 1300 already filled out of 1380.

    Its still January month and the next quota will be released in July 2014.

    What happens if I apply for VISA(After getting an Invitation) by Mid of Feb 2014 ?

  36. Hi Admin,
    i heared that now 7.0 band in each module is necessary to apply PR in Software Engineering. is it right???

    1. Hi there..
      Nope, its still 6, check both these pages from immi australia site:

  37. Hi Admin,
    My spouse has work experience in CSOL (not in SOL). As main applicant with experience in SOL, can I claim extra 5 points for my 189 Visa??? Or she needs to have experience on SOL also?

    1. Hi there,
      Both applicants need to be in same list to claim the points..
      Best of luck!

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  40. Dear Admin,
    I am working in a private sector bank in India.Please let me know under which category should i apply in SOL.As i am not able to find my suitable job over there.

  41. Dear Admin ,

    I have trouble in choosing the skills assessment authority .. basically I got my in mechanical engineering. I am working as a project engineer in managing lift works management in otis elevators.. i was planning to apply assessment in engineer australia but one of the agent suggested me to apply as mechanical engineer technician in vet asses . Since I am doing project management I am confused which one to apply ... can anyone help me ???

  42. Hi Admin

    I badly need your help ,I did my Bachelors and masters in IT and having 2.5 years experience in Information Security. My Occupation is there in State 190 do you think i am eligible to apply..My consultants are saying that my work experience is less.

    One more thing i like to ask that if i assess myself from ACS and will get the positive results by June but what if my occupation is being removed by Australian immigration in July before sending EOI than i have to wait and assess myself again.Is it useless to be assessed now by ACS as in july the occupations will be changed????

  43. Hi Admin,
    is it right that ACS has requirement of 7.0 each band to process any application?

  44. Hi Admin,

    I am telecommunication Engineer with 5 years of experience. I scored overall 7 but 6.5 in each band in IELTS. My total score now is 55 i need 60 to apply for any visa type. I am looking for state sponsors as well but now its closed due to high number of applicants. So, what can i do? just wait for state to open new application or any other ways so that i can apply for visa.

    it would be great for your assistance.

  45. Hi I want to know also on how to migrate in Australia because doing a job search Australia was not easy. I hope that I can find a good job in Jobstar.

  46. Dear Admin,

    I'm software engineer and my wife is a dentist. I'm planning to claim 5 points for my partner skills. The immigration website says that the primary applicant can claim points for partner, if the partner has positive skill assessment. I referred to the ADC website, it says that the applicant has to give written and practical exam along with the initial assessment to get themselves assessed and registered. Could you please confirm whether the initial assessment for dentist is sufficient to claim partner points or she required to clear the written exams.

    Thanks in advance. Your help is much appreciated.


  47. Hi admin,

    Have few doubts as to whether I am eligible for ausi pr due to few reasons..
    1. My job title is not listed on either SOL or CSOL...can I still apply?
    I have my bacherlors and post graduation diploma in advertising and marketing...even work exp of around 6years in d same age is 29yrs...

    I was told by one agent that I can a under state nomination and another agent told me that I am nowhere eleigible to apply this year as there is no opening available in entire ausi..

    I have a baby and i am the main applicant..plz suggest...

  48. Hello Admin,

    First of all thanks for such helpful information!

    Please help me for my following given doubt:

    Profile :: I and My wife both are having total 5+ Experience in Software testing and we have been passed through ACS assessment process and we are now scoring 60 points.

    I still have not submitted EOI (need your guidance to do so).

    We are now left with two Visa Type options - 190 and 489

    I just had a query in my mind that would 489 work faster than 190??

    Please help on my above query and guide us soon so that we can proceed further to submit EOI.


  49. Dear Admin,

    Are there any chances of Technical Writer's profession ever being opened in the ACT's CSOL list! I have applied for 190, and am waiting, do you think its worth the wait!


  50. Hi, I did civil engineering which is non IT and worked in IT for 7 years. Please let me know how i can move ahead with my case for applying PR

  51. Hello Admin,

    If I get a PR (either a 189 or 190) assessed as a ICT Business Analyst, can i go to Australia and work as a software tester? Is it mandatory to work in the profession that we were assessed for?
    Thanks in advance.

  52. Hello admin,

    I'm a marine engineer by profession for the past 9 years. I will be appearing for the oral examination at AMSA in September. I have also done a bachelor's degree in business admin (3 year degree) which is not relevant to my profession. Can i claim points for this degree?

  53. Hi Admin,

    I completed my graduation in Bsc Computer Mathematics and electronics (triple major) in 2011. I have 4 years of exp as a developer. I recently completed my Ms Computer Science (weekend batch) as well. Will ACS accept my request for the skill set of analyst programmer or a developer programmer?

  54. There can be a lot of fraud involved in the process of applying for a permanent residency visa for migrating to countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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    However, I know a few people who have processed their Australian PR applications through a migration agent named Tariq Dadu, he is registered with MARA.

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  56. If you want immigration services to fill the form for more info:

  57. Hi Last feb i got my acs accessed for dba and all together i got 60 points :
    I applied for victoria state sponsorship in March but got refused.
    I assume victoria has been very tricky with giving sponsorship I have few questions:
    1:If i improve my points to 70
    ( as i was exempted from IELTS as i have British passport so if i take IELTS test and score 7 i will get 10 extra point)
    will this give me more chance to get sponsorship as compare to applicant who has 60 ?
    2:Does time frame matters is it advisable to apply as soon as they reopen in july for 190 ?

  58. hi i hold a BA(Hons) in Business and management. now im a internal audit trainee. will i be eligible to apply under internal auditor for Australian migration. if not how long i have to work , currently i have completed one year.

  59. Hi, i have submitted my documents for evaluation in ACS by selecting CSOL code by mistake. Actually i need my evaluation to be done for SOL 261313 only . Is there a way i can change it now? Or can I submit a fresh application with the SOL code . Will it be rejected saying duplicate record?

  60. Hello Admin,

    Thank you for highlighting very helpful details.

    My concerns is regarding score calculation under experience category and i was hoping you could share your expertise on it.

    My education is from Electronics engineering background but my total experience of 6 years is in IT stream. As per calculator score I get score for Bachelor qualification as well as for 6+ years of experience but what calculator doesn't showcase is mis-match in both.

    I have heard from local agents that this due to this mis-match, EOI will deduct 4 years of my experience and only consider 2.

    SO request you to kindly advice me on

    1)how this mis-match will impact my profile under 189 category for EOI?
    2) Will ACS RPL process help me gain full score for both, qualification and experience as per defined.

    Your advice will go long way.

    Thank you

  61. Hi Admin

    can you please guide in the following scenario
    I have a positive skill assessment for ICT Business Analyst which is in both SOL and CSOL, my partner skill is in CSOL (Industrial Pharmacist) can I claim the partner points for 190 (NSW)

    Thank you,

  62. I have done from BioTechnology. And I have experience in IT for 8 years. Will my whole 8 years experience will be counted for the point calculation?

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  64. I am running short of 5 points and would like to claim 'Partner Skills'. My occupation is ICT Business Anlayst and spouse's is Marketing Specialist.

    ICT Business Anlayst is found in Skilled Occupation List (SOL) whereas
    Marketing Specialist is not found in Skilled Occupation List(SOL)

    ICT Business Anlayst is also found in Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL)
    Marketing Specialist is found in Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL)

    Can I claim for partner skills ?

  65. Hi,

    I am planning to apply for Australian Immigration for visa category 189

    I am Mohammed Khan, from India. i have got post bachelor's experience from 2007 till 2008 as a Network Engineer and in 2009 i went to UK to Pursue my Msc(international business and Management) i worked in UK in same profession as a network engineer for 27 months.

    i came back to India in September 2013 and i started working from October 2013 till date , that will count up to 3 years and 2 months.

    My query is that, my Post bachelor's experience of 14 months and my post Masters experience of 6 years and 7 months of both post bachelor as well as post masters experience will be considered

    could you please answer my query.

    Thanks in Advance!!

  66. Hello Admin,

    I had applied for 189 visa and my application to ICAA skills authority got rejected due to one subject called Accounting theory. Can you please suggest me if there is any other way to apply for PR visa. Also, Can I re-apply for skills assessment? What are the chances that I will get a positive assessment if I do re-apply?

  67. Hi
    I hold a valid WP 457 on "ICT BA" but i would like to apply for 189 PR under the code 2631111 "computer systems and network" engineer - Is this ok or will it have implications?

  68. Hi admin,

    I am a software tester , have 3 years of work experience and holds degree in computer science.Any idea, ACS will deduct how much experience for me ??

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  71. I am always searching online for tips that can benefit me. Thanks!

  72. hi!

    I have total 10 years of experience in IT industry and recently got positive assessment from ACS. The assessment after deduction shows that i have 7 years and 11 months of skilled employement, now if i submit my EOI (remaining on the same job)in the month of April 2016, then will DIBP consider my 2 months post assessment experience and make it equivalent to 8 years (for claiming 15 points in experience)?

    kindly clarify,


  73. Hi Admin,

    I am planning to apply for PR for myself and need some help in understanding how the points are calculated.
    I had completed by bachelor's degree in mechanical stream but have been working as an information security internal auditor for past 10 years. All my experience is in information security auditing.
    Need your help in checking if my experience would be considered while calculating the points or would it be reduced as my education and the domain I have experience do not match.
    Also wanted to check if internal auditor skill set up mentioned in the SOL also covers information security auditing.


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